Monday, August 24, 2009


Well, my 18 mile run went really well! I was darn tired by the end of it, but I felt pretty good through most of it. That said, I'm not sure I can push the pace enough to finish in under 4 hours. That's my "stretch" goal for this race - finish is under 4 hours. I think it's *possible* but not likely. Really, I'll be happy with a PR, but I'd love to have a great race and break the 4 hour mark. I'm not going to hold my breath though. I've been training really hard but there are so many factors I can't control, including the 44,999 other people running the race with me and fighting for space. :)

I'm sorry I talk about running so much right now, but it's a big focus for me until the race. This is probably the most dedicated I've been to training in a long time, maybe even ever. Hopefully it will pay off!

Work has been pretty crazy too. We have a big Luc Tuymans exhibition opening in a few weeks and things keep cropping up with that. I can't wait until it is open and done!!!

I think it's about time to get to bed. I'm debating whether to run in the morning or not. I keep getting this pain above my ankle and I don't want to push it too hard because I'd rather get my speed workout in on Wednesday than a slow easy run tomorrow. Maybe I'll get up and play it by ear.

Friday, August 21, 2009


You know, despite the name of my blog, I think I AM boring. :) I feel so boring lately - nothing to talk about really. I just work, run, eat, sleep, and walk my dogs.

Tomorrow morning is an 18 mile run and then Todd and I are heading to my cousin Michael's for a family reunion. Both of my brothers and their wives and sons are making the trip. And even more exciting, my sister will be there! Woohoo!! I'm sure she has exciting things to tell me. :)

Because I'm so boring (actually, because I have to get up before 5 am), I'm going to go to bed pretty soon. Well, not to sleep, but at least lie down and try to start to think about sleep. Boring though it may be, if I can manage to fall asleep by 10 (unlikely), I'd get almost 7 hours of sleep. Not bad!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I can't believe it's already August 17! How does that happen?? Not much has been going on. Lots of running, lots of working, some cooking, some dog walking.

My sister gets home from Korea this week! That's exciting. :)

And several exciting late announcements. First, my friend Christine had her baby last week!!! Congrats Christine and RJ on the arrival of Prix! And then Saturday was my dear friend Sarah's birthday. Happy Birthday Sarah!!! Gosh, 10 years ago was the fateful 21st birthday party! :) Crazy fun. How times have changed.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I feel like the summer is almost over...

My lone reader complained about my lack of updates. :) Sorry! I have been super busy at work and just in general. I don't know what I'm doing with myself, but it's definitely not updating the blog. :)

But seriously, tomorrow is August 15, which means it's September in a few weeks. How is that even possible??? Time is flying seriously fast. I'm starting to get nervous about the marathon, which is now less than 2 months away. We're starting to get into the serious mileage - tomorrow is 17 miles and next weekend is 18. I'll hit almost 40 miles this week in total. (And I still can't lose weight!! How is that fair?)

One exciting thing is that my sweet little sis is coming back to the states next week! She's been in Korea for a whole year. It will be great to see her and have her not only in the same country, but the same state!

I'm getting hungry so I guess I'll start thinking about what to make for dinner. Something with veggies for sure, since they're piling up on me. :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August already?

Sorry I've been such a slacker. Things have been crazy all over. This past week was crazy work week. We de-installed our shows and spent the whole week packing up everything. It's always really rough but I had the extra fun of having a ton of stuff to do on the upcoming show since I'm pinch hitting as both the registrar and curatorial assistant on the show. And then I got the extra bonus of getting sick on day 2. Fun fun. I feel much better now.

I've also been running a lot more. I really want to do well in the Chicago Marathon this fall, since I think it will likely be my last full for a while. So I've been trying to get my weekday runs in and going to speed workouts on Wednesdays, and this week I'm going to get back into the gym to lift weights again. Yesterday's run was 15 miles, shew! I actually don't think I've run that far in over a year. Considering I was still kinda sick and slacked off running this week, it went pretty well.

I also have been car shopping since I have to give Laura her car back soon. I ended up getting a black Honda CR-V EX. I really wanted a Toyota Highlander but decided to spend less money. I'm a little proud of myself for being somewhat frugal. :) Todd got a new car too, an Audi A4. It is so freaking nice.

Tomorrow we head out to Granville after work to see my aunt, uncle and cousin! They're stopping at my mom's house en route from Texas to see my grandparents in Michigan. I haven't seen them in several years, so it should be fun. Apparently my cousin is old enough to drive now, which is shocking.

Ok, enough babbling for now. I've got some errands to run!