Friday, August 6, 2010

Catching Up

I never blog at work, because, well, I'm at work. But our work email has been down since Wednesday night, so I'm sitting here bored and I feel like posting. :) Yes, I do have a few things I could do, but I don't want to. I already cleaned off my whole desk yesterday.

So, things have just been pretty busy. My life is definitely not boring these days. :) D keeps me busy, with various dinners, wine tastings, concerts, etc. I'm actually a little too busy - I love the occasional day with nothing planned! Last weekend, we took a great mini trip to Yellow Springs and Springfield (OH). We had lunch at the Winds Cafe in Yellow Springs and walked around the little town. Then we stopped for ice cream at Young's, and drove to Springfield where we toured the Westcott House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The building had undergone a significant and careful renovation and it was a great little gem in an area where you wouldn't expect it. I STILL have not been to Fallingwater or Kentuck Knob in Pennsylvania, so we hope to tour those when we have time for an overnight.

Work is pretty busy right now, as we're gearing up for a bunch of fall shows. We're doing 6 mini projects/shows instead of one big one, which should be fun. We're just working very last minute, which makes it difficult for everyone.

Running is going ok. I've been keeping up my training (usually running 4 days a week, with a speed workout on Wednesdays and a long run of 12ish miles on Saturdays) but it has been SO hot and humid that I feel really slow. It doesn't help that I gained back almost 10 of the pounds I lost. So I'm on the fence about which race to run in October - the full or the half. I know I can train for and finish a full, but I don't think I'll probably PR and it might be a bad race. But I'm not sure how fast I'd be in a half either. I'm just really torn because I feel like my training is so crappy. I really wanted to break 4 hours and then take a long marathon break, but I don't know when I'm going to be able to break that time. Decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sorry, I still suck at posting. :)

A few exciting events:
-I got to meet Jack Johnson last week!
-I made a delicious Green Goddess dressing last weekend!
-I'm still running and working out but I eat and drink too much and have gained back almost all the weight I lost! (SUCK!)
-I'm hanging out with some girlfriends tonight - I need to do that more often!!
-Donnie and I are planning a daycation this weekend! And a road trip for Labor Day!

Ok, that's enough. :) It's almost 5:30, so I want to hit the road!

Here's a pic of us with Jack:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

on my droid

I completely forgot that I downloaded an app for blogger! Maybe this will help me post more now.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trying to Keep Up

Not much new to report today. Just enjoying a rather quiet and relaxing evening at home, and doing some work I've been meaning to do. I've had a killer headache all day, but it seems to be subsiding now (finally!). Work is pretty crazy right now too. I'm planning to get up early tomorrow and do my speed workout before work, as D and I are having date night tomorrow night. :) I'm really looking forward to it - we're doing the bistro menu at the Refectory! He's so sweet - he sent me a dozen roses at work today!!! What a great guy I've got. :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

End of June already?

Wow, I'm so sorry I've been so bad at keeping up with the blog. I've been busy and went on a FABULOUS vacation in California at the beginning of the month. I'll post more about it (including pictures) soon.

The summer is in full swing with some major freaking heat, and I have to admit that I'm having a really hard time motivating myself to work out and run in this weather. Last night's run was horribly brutal. I'd so much rather sit and drink with my awesome boyfriend than go to bed early so I can get up to exercise. :) As my clothes get tighter and tighter though, I am starting to see a little bit of motivation. :)

I'll try to post more soon!

Friday, May 28, 2010

sorry :)

Hello! I'm so sorry that I've been so remiss in updating my blog. I've been a little busy these last two months because I have a new boyfriend. :) Yeah, that's my exciting news. He's pretty awesome and we spend just about every second together, so I haven't been spending much time updating the ole blog. I'll try to be better, but I can't promise anything! :)

Other than that, not too much has gone on. I did run the marathon and finished it, despite some issues. It wasn't a PR but I was very proud of how I did. Full race report to come. Work has been very busy lately. The installation was fairly crazed and things haven't really slowed down much sense. So I'm really just trying to get back in the swing of things back and work and in my life.

I have a nice relaxing long weekend planned. I have a long run tomorrow morning with my group, and BBQs on Sunday and Monday with various friends. And other than that, nothing except what I feel like doing! It's my kind of weekend. :)

And then next Friday, I leave for VACATION!!!!! woohoo!!!! I'm SO excited. D and two sets of couples were already planning this trip to Napa, and I get to tag along. Yes, he invited me on a trip after we'd only been dating for a little while. But in my defense, we've known each other for a while and had been friends. So it's not like I'm going on vacation with a stranger. :) So we'll be renting a house in Napa for the first 4 days and then staying on a vineyard in Amador county for the last two days. And I'm starting out the trip by flying to the LA area for my friend JJ's wedding. It will be fun seeing my old Granville friends! Kimberly and I are flying out together and staying in the hotel together, so I'm sure all sorts of craziness will ensue. :)

Ok, time to get my relaxing evening going. I'll try to be better from now on (especially if I can figure out a way to blog from my new Android phone - anyone??) and I'll definitely be updating my food blog ( more soon as my CSA is supposed to start soon!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I had a reallllly great 22 mile run this morning. Probably the best long training run I've ever had. Weather was good, we ran on a flat trail for once (we usually add hills in, not that I mind), had a lot of water stops, my legs felt great, and my stomach even cooperated!! My stomach barely hurts even now, and it normally hurts all day after my long runs. You know what I changed? No bread or pasta yesterday, or after my run. I did have several Ezekiel English muffin halves, which are made from sprouted grain and are flourless. And for dinner last night, I had lentils, quinoa, shrimp and feta. And a salad, and one small piece of pizza that had very little bread or cheese or anything like that. So I guess I did have a little bit of bread. And right after my run, I had some vanilla 2% milk for recovery.

Anyway, I feel pretty ready for this race and am kind of a little excited about it!

Now it's a gorgeous day and I can't decide what to do. Go shopping? Be productive in the apartment? Get food? All of the above? I do have dinner plans around 7 so I don't really have all day. That's the problem with the long run - it eats up your day! I think I'm going to go get some food and go from there.