Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sorry, I still suck at posting. :)

A few exciting events:
-I got to meet Jack Johnson last week!
-I made a delicious Green Goddess dressing last weekend!
-I'm still running and working out but I eat and drink too much and have gained back almost all the weight I lost! (SUCK!)
-I'm hanging out with some girlfriends tonight - I need to do that more often!!
-Donnie and I are planning a daycation this weekend! And a road trip for Labor Day!

Ok, that's enough. :) It's almost 5:30, so I want to hit the road!

Here's a pic of us with Jack:

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Colleen said...

Jack Johnson is awesome! :) And don't get down on yourself for gaining the weight back - it happens! Hope you have a good trip this weekend and yay for girlfriends! I think that covers it all!