Saturday, April 10, 2010


I had a reallllly great 22 mile run this morning. Probably the best long training run I've ever had. Weather was good, we ran on a flat trail for once (we usually add hills in, not that I mind), had a lot of water stops, my legs felt great, and my stomach even cooperated!! My stomach barely hurts even now, and it normally hurts all day after my long runs. You know what I changed? No bread or pasta yesterday, or after my run. I did have several Ezekiel English muffin halves, which are made from sprouted grain and are flourless. And for dinner last night, I had lentils, quinoa, shrimp and feta. And a salad, and one small piece of pizza that had very little bread or cheese or anything like that. So I guess I did have a little bit of bread. And right after my run, I had some vanilla 2% milk for recovery.

Anyway, I feel pretty ready for this race and am kind of a little excited about it!

Now it's a gorgeous day and I can't decide what to do. Go shopping? Be productive in the apartment? Get food? All of the above? I do have dinner plans around 7 so I don't really have all day. That's the problem with the long run - it eats up your day! I think I'm going to go get some food and go from there.

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Colleen said...

You go girl! So excited for you... you'll have a great race in May! :)